About Me / Contact

I'm Wilbrand (a.k.a. Wilbert van Veldhuizen)

I’m an Amsterdam-based Animator / Director. I make films that explore profound themes through short stories, told with serene images and grand set pieces. In my work, I seek to create a unique visual language that conveys cinematic stories and subtle vibes alike.

I share a studio called The Cabin with Mirjam Debets and Iris Frankhuizen, 
and I’m part of the WERF collective.

I graduated from the HKU University of the Arts in 2016, and have animated and directed multiple short film projects since. Fundament, finished in March 2019, is my most recent project.

m: wvveldhuizen@gmail.com  t: +31 6 38139521

A small studio in Amsterdam, that I share with my colleagues Mirjam Debets and Iris Frankhuizen